Viper Mk. IV

Type: Viper Mk. IV
Designation: Snub Fighter
Manufacturer: Cordat Systems (and licence holders)
Size: 10 d-tons
Cost as New: 31 MCr

Manoeuvre Capability: 12 G air breathing rocket, 15.5 G-hours
Powerplant: Driven from main engines

Crew: 1
Cargo: 0.04 d-tons

Weaponry: Three linked autocannons
Missile bay holding 2 antiship missiles or 6 light-Tac missiles
Targeting: 1 UTES array (autocannons)
1 missile director
Sensors: Type I, with facility for data link

The newest addition to the Viper series of fighters, the Mk. IV has larger engines, a slightly increased fuel tank and reduces the missile bay of the earlier variants, using the extra space to mount an extra cannon on the top stabilizer. Still operating in conjunction with AWACs craft, the newer fighters are specialized interceptors.

Mk. IV’s are still not widely available and only the most well equipped navies are able to muster more than a squadron.

Viper Mk. IV

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