Viper Mk. II

Type: Viper Mk. II
Designation: Snub Fighter
Manufacturer: Cordat Systems (and licence holders)
Size: 10 d-tons
Cost as New: 26.5 MCr

Manoeuvre Capability: 10 G air breathing rocket, 14.5 G-hours
Powerplant: Driven from main engines

Crew: 1
Cargo: 0.01 d-tons

Weaponry: Twin linked autocannons,
Missile bay holding 8 antiship missiles or 22 light-Tac missiles
Targeting: 1 UTES array (autocannons)
2 missile directors
Sensors: Type I, with facility for data link

One of the premier 10 d-ton fighters of its day, the Viper Mk. II is still able to hold its own against many more modern fighters. It has little in the way of onboard sensors, and so is usually given guidance from accompanying vessels, either Cordat Systems Raptors or the Type S(N) SaC from Corodyne. It is reasonably agile in atmosphere and carries a large quantity of missiles to augment the attack capability of its autocannon.

Mk. II’s are used extensively by both military and paramilitary forces. Particularly famous units are the 115th Royal Fighter Squadron of New Canada, and the Brown Bess mercenary squadron, currently based on Amperdoon.

Viper Mk. II

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