Squad Codes

Ding dong dash

Other names: none.

After initiating an attack, it can be prudent to withdraw and regain stealth, particularly when outnumbered or outgunned. The ding dong dash is a means of reducing the damage inflicted on the retreating party via a sudden surprise attack on enemy communications immediately prior to the escape. This takes the form of a piercingly loud burst of comms feedback that, when deployed in time with a rocket jump, can be very effective at spoiling enemy aim.

Kangaroo two by two

Other names: Roos by twos; Kanga-twos; The Kanagaroo.

Two soldiers bounce high enough for visuals, scope targets, come to ground at the peak, fire, bounce. This is followed by the next two soldiers, who do the same. And so on. Length of manouever can vary: it may be two short skips straight into cover or it may be continual movement out of a hot zone. Variants: Kangaroo three by three, Kangaroo four by four, etc.

Squad Codes

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