Astral Class Freighter

Type: Astral Class
Designation: Small Modular Freighter
Manufacturer: Appattee Yards and license holders
Size: 2000 d-tons
Cost as New: 417 MCr.

Jump Capability: Jump 1, 1 parsec
Manoeuvre Capability: 1 G thruster, 2 G-hours
Powerplant: MHD turbine, 14 days

Crew: 15 recommended
Passengers: None as standard
Cargo: 24.5 d-tons (internal, pressurised)
1500 tons (modular, 67.5 d-tons each, capability to be pressurised)
Cargo handling: 1 grappling arm, loading belt system

Accommodation: 10 staterooms
Artificial Gravity: 0.08G spin capsules

A successful small freighter, common in well traveled space. In more remote areas, one of the cargo containers is usually exchanged for a fuel module. Other modules are available, including one with a small craft for landing.

Astral Class Freighter

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