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As far as most people are concerned, Amperdoon is the end of the universe. Its cold exterior is home to humanity’s most remote colony. This grim facility, located on the moon of a small gas planet, supports a network of equally miserable mining stations throughout the system.


Is one of twelve orbitals of planet GKV-03, in the Amperdoon system. Other system bodies are:

  • GKV-01, small planet, ice, automated mining facilities
  • GKV-02, giant planet, gas, eight moons inhabited seasonally by miners
  • GKV-03, giant planet, gas, twelve moons including [Amperdoon]
  • GKV-04, giant planet, gas, corporate orbitals and twenty moons
  • GKV-05, giant planet, gas, corporate orbitals and five moons inhabited seasonally by miners

Jump shadow out past GKV-01.

Mainworld Information

Diameter: 9,450 km
Surface Gravity: 0.7 g
Atmosphere: Breathable, Dense
Average Atmospheric Pressure: 1.6 bar
Average Temperature: -8 Celsius
Hydrographic Percentage: 40

Control, Approach, Interface and Landing

Vessels entering system should contact Amperdoon Control for advisory services on 6457. Limited system control is provided for starships greater than 500 dtons. There is limited tug support available.

Approach services for Amperdoon are also provided on 6457. A modular highport serves most vessels approaching the planet.

Interface services available for Amperdoon are shuttle and mass driver. There is no control of deorbiting vessels but assistance may be obtained from the Interface Services Office on the Amperdoon Highport. Control for return journeys should be prearranged at the office.

Amperdoon Spaceport is contactable upon channel 2575. One runway (2 km) is available.

Political Information

Government: Corostar Corporation (Feudal Technocracy)
Other Political Groups: Many guilds and sub-guilds
Law Level: 2
Notes: Weak supplier responsibility laws

Amperdoon itself is entirely owned by Corostar, which has long term leases to a large number (20+) of mining guilds. Some of these guilds are highly fractured, with competition within them. The moon has a robust but simple police service, effective at day to day policing but without the capability for advanced investigation.

Trade Information

Tech Level: 9
Trade Classifications: Non Agricultural, Non Industrial

Patrol and Naval Forces



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