Nova Ottawa

A788731A – Ga,Ri – NaB, Con, TAS005-Carrick-0705

Nova Ottawa is the mainworld of the Nova Canada system, located at the edge of the Carrick subsector. The system is unusual for having two habitable, garden worlds and several other colonized bodies, which are all under the lordship of the Marquis of Nova Ottawa.


The planet is the third of seven at location 005-Carrick-0705. It has one moon, Nova Montreal, which is occupied. The system also contains:

  • Nova Huron, small planet, rocky, uninhabited
  • Nova Labrador, large planet, rocky, seasonal occupation by miners
  • [Nova Ottawa]
  • Nova Alberta, giant planet, gas, corporate orbitals and two inhabited moons (Nova Saskatchewan and Nova Yukon)
  • Nova Manitoba, giant planet, gas, corporate orbitals including Harlequin Station Outport
  • Nova British Columbia, giant planet, gas, corporate orbitals
  • Nova Nunavut, giant planet, gas, corporate orbitals
  • Primary Belts, asteroid belts, rock and ice, permanent inhabitation
  • Secondary Belts, asteroid belts, ice, periodic mining

Jump shadow out past Nova Alberta.

Control, Approach, Interface and Landing

System traffic control is provided from the Ardrothan Naval Base (civilian channel 0078, initial squawk code 44506728). A tug service is available.

Approach services for Nova Ottawa are also run from the Naval Base. The planet has a large highport, contactable on channel 8561 (though ships will be handed off automatically during approach). Facilities available include bulk quantities of fuel and stores, repair facilities and shipyards. The gas giants have no unified approach controller, with the different civilian outposts competing for services. However, there is an advisory channel (1513) which provides some information, including the channels for each individual platform. Approach information for other planetary bodies is provided in the relevant entries.

Interface services available for Nova Ottawa highport are shuttle, space plane, SSTO, mass driver and rocket. Unified control of deorbiting vessels is provided by Mystic Control (channel 1525).

The system has a very large ground spaceport, Kashyye River, with runways up to 3.5km. The facility is contactable on channel 1118. Other, smaller, ports include Opponax (2km, channel 6565) and Lhonna (2km, channel 2870).

Trade Information

Nova Ottawa itself is agricultural and rich, and is a transhipment point for cargoes from other worlds in system.


The planet is ruled by the Marquis of Nova Ottawa, who also has power over the rest of the system. Direct administration of fiefs is carried out by lesser nobility. The Marquis has an advisory parliament, but its decisions are non binding.

The world only recognises the citizenship of those who do duty for the Marquis, usually identified as four years of military service. Only citizens may vote for or stand as representatives to the parliaments.

The entire system utilises the militia system, mandating military training for individuals between 18 and 42. The Marquis may authorise the call up of the reserves to a specified level at any time. Voluntary service is rewarded with exemption from the mandatory call up.

Patrol and Naval Forces

The Guardia provides small cutters for customs and tax collection duties, and also operates a rescue/tow service out of Nova Montreal. The Guardia operate on channel 3422.

The system is heavily militarised, and vessels should be aware that capital ships of the Nova Ottawan Navy are often manoeuvring around the shipyard area, and conduct exercises throughout the system.

New Ottawan naval strength includes two heavy carriers, four destroyers, five heavy frigates, eleven light frigates and large numbers of supporting vessels. About half of these are kept mothballed at any one time however. In the event of war, the Marquis will order the call up of the militia crews which make up the rest of the fleet.

At the outer edges of the system, particularly at the belts, privateer ships supplement or replace Guardia and naval patrols. Large numbers are employed in peacetime, particularly from the belters. They receive some training in customs duties but are known for being rather abrupt. Ship’s masters with complaints should address them to the Guardia HQ’s on Nova Ottawa or Keres (in the belts).


The opportunities for easy colonisation, and a planetary resupply point before the Tapsco subsector, were what led to the occupation of the system. McVerity Land Securities was the original owner, founding the first city upon the world that they christened Nova Ottawa. Grishom, then an expanding name in colonisation, was subcontracted for the effort and later paid a large fee for a licence to settle the moon of Nova Saskatchewan,orbiting a gas giant in the same system. Shortly before Black March, the two companies cooperated to found outposts on the moon of Nova Ottawa, the second moon of the gas giant and in the outer asteroid belts.

After the collapse of the human economy, James Horner, the local director of operations for McVerity, turned rogue and took control of Nova Ottawa and the affiliated settlements, announcing their independence. When Grishom went bust, its local holdings were also absorbed under the original terms of their license. Agriculture, which was already a large proportion of the system’s income, became the preeminent industry, giving Nova Canada a name as the bread-basket of 005 Sector. Horner effectively administered the territory and, upon his death, was able to leave it to his son, who eventually had a noble title over the system recognised.

The rulers of Nova Canada supported those of Carrick in their application to be declared lord over the local subsector. The petition was successful, much to the chagrin to the leaders of the world of Avemung. In return for their support, the new Marquis was given the role of Marshal at his coronation, there not being any other person the Duke of Carrick trusted to the role. This posed a problem for the new lord, as his arable domains did not maintain a significant standing military. Furthermore, the main threat he expected to face, Avemung, was a rich world with a large population, and correspondingly larger military.

To meet the shortfall of men, the government instituted two streams of military service. All citizens would by default be members of the militia, liable for monthly training in a particular branch of the military and able to be called up at minimal notice. Those that wished to engage in the military as a full time occupation would receive certain privileges after a set number of years; these would include rights to vote for the representatives who advised the Marquis. More tariffs would be levied upon transiting trade ships to raise money for a navy capable of defending the subsector. Even during the days following the collapse, there were still a number of merchant ships running goods and supplies between Tapsco and Earth, enough to draw in a sizeable income. The cost of the new taxes, however, was the beginning of a feud between Nova Canada and Tapsco that lasts to the present day.

Some seven years ago, the system was briefly riven by a violent civil war, as dissatisfied lesser nobility attempted to seize the throne. Though the rebels held some key posts, their attack was delayed for long enough that the military units on patrol throughout the subsector were able to return and counterattack. Prior to a decisive battle between the two fleets, an undercover intelligence agent carried out an assassination upon the leader of the rebels. The resulting confusion forced the enemy to retreat in disarray. They have since dispersed to isolated holdings on both sides of the Carrick/Tapsco border and have refocused operations towards a guerilla organisation with funding from organised crime.


Nova Ottawa

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