Cpl Victor Langley

Rifleman (Heavy)


Corporal Victor Langely, Rifleman (Heavy)
Homeworld: Tapsco

Strength: 7/9* (1)
Dexterity: 10 (
Endurance: 7(0)
Intelligence: 9 (+1)
Education: 3 (-1)
Social Status 6 (0)

  • Character’s powered armour gives a +2 to strength for everything except taking damage

Gun Combat (Slug Rifle) 2
Recon 1
Battledress 1
Athletics 0
Melee 0
Heavy Weapons 0
Stealth 0
Tactics: 2 (while in communication with HQ)

Coyote Main Battle Armour (Standard Template)
Armour Value 20
Speed: 5 per move action, 25 running, 50 using jetpack to bound, up to 140 in flight
Strength Increase (2, already in stats)
Integrated Computer system (Computer 0), running basic library software
Basic Sensors: Out to long range, enhanced visual and audio
Basic Navigation (
1 Nav DM)
Standard Comms, Encrypted
Active Camo (2 Stealth DM)
IR Camo (
2 DM against IR/heatseeking weapons)
Heads Up Display: Linked to rifle, grenade launcher and hand flamer, gives a 2 to hit with that weapon. Doesn’t stack with holographic sight.
Magnetic Grapples: Can walk on metal surfaces in zero g.
Tactical Relay Network: While in communication with HQ, may make tactics checks at +2 (included in skills).
Hand Flamer
Damage: 3d6
Recoil: 0
Keyed into HUD (as above)

Advanced Combat Rifle (Heavy)
Range: Rifle
Damage: 4d6 AP (ignores 4 point of armour)
Magazine: 40 rounds
Auto: 4
Recoil: 1 (with gyrostabiliser)
Keyed into HUD (as above)
Holographic Sight: Telescopic, may reduce range penalties by two bands, +1 to targets at medium range. Low light. Rugged. Does not stack with HUD.
Bipod: Two minor actions to set up. May half recoil (rounding down)
Underslung RAM Grenade Launcher
Range: Assault Weapon
Damage: 5d6 within 4m, 3d6 within 8m, 1d6 within 12m
Recoil: 1 (with gyrostabiliser)
Keyed to HUD and Holosight (does not stack)

Webbing: Can carry 6 mags/individual grenades, reduces weight by half.

Ammunition Carried:
9mm ACR ammo: 4 mags/160 rounds
RAM Grenades: 1
Flame Cannister: 1/3 rounds


Cpl Victor Langley

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